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Why Paying Attention is Important

May 12th, 2015 No comments

When new and exciting issues crop up much is written about them and then, just as quickly, it’s yesterday’s news.  The problem is, if it’s not continually related to the consumer and advisor community and you happen to miss it, you’re out in the cold.

I remember a few significant general news events in past years which I missed entirely because I was on vacation and “off the grid”.  By the time I got back the news cycle had moved on to the next thing and when the events were referenced a year or two later it was pretty surprising.  “Really, she’s dead?” or “That country did what?”  At least with the news, if you miss it there generally isn’t much lasting damage.

The point is, sometimes I purposely write about an issue months, or even years, after it initially hits.  One of these matters is the importance of paying attention to details.  Today I have a few reminders regarding Guaranteed Universal Life (GUL). Read more…

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